About the Women Who Win Conference

The Women Who Win conference is strategically designed and orchestrated by God. It is a three day conference which is designed to help winners overcome past hurts, setbacks, misunderstandings and develop a winning attitude! This time of ministry is for all women who want to maximize every opportunity to win and correctly connect in order to fulfill their destiny!

The Prophetic Word on Wisdom Through Worship

Value my wisdom above all else for it alone brings success and deliverance from stress (Prov.4:7). Become a Wisdom Seeker as you Worship and respond with deliberate speed to sow the required seed (Rom.15:4). Wisdom Seekers know I require a sacrificial offering its been that way from the beginning (Gen.22:5 1Chrn.16:29) so beware of the fiery darts of lack and suspicion (Eph.6:16) that are obstructions to your obedience. In this season of Wonder Working Worship situational wisdom will be released at breakthrough speed so seek my wisdom and know that your obedience dispatches immediate angelic assistance (Ps.103:20-21). You tell them, my son, that nothing ever takes me by surprise and nothing is too hard for me (Jer.32:17). As I was with the wisdom seekers of old so shall I be with you, guiding your steps, inspiring your thoughts (Prov.16:3), opening your ears, opening your eyes and strengthening you with a supernatural refreshing (Ps. 23:3). Expect and trust the strategic wisdom that I alone can give that is far above human wisdom and planning (Ps.118:8 Ps.115:11). Tell them their demonstrated total dependence on me in Worship is the key to the floodgates of my mercy, my grace, and my favor connections to reverse the negatives they face( Ps.31:16, Jam.317 Ps.136:5). So arise and go forth in the Spirit of boldness and diligently in the words of testimony (Rev.12:11) challenge the wisdom seekers to obey me, obey the Prophetic voice and I will astound and amaze them with the supernatural in the hours to come (2Chrn.20:20, Luke 5:5-9)! This is the season of manifested breakthroughs to be totally amazed by my power so rejoice because eyes have not seen nor ear heard that which I have prepared for you (1Cor.2:9). I say to you, rejoice and again I say rejoice because the time of wonder working Worship has come! (Ps.5:11-12).